Wednesday, 27 May 2015

MD Ashok Jain (Saumya Mining) Buy 100 Truck From Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz India Ltd plans to offer around 240 trucks in India amid 2009 which is evaluated to decipher into Rs 145 crore income for the section. Amid 2008, it sold about the same number of vehicles . It now feels that the business will enhance just in 2010 when development is likely.

This timetable, Merc has officially sold around 127 trucks and has orders for another 50 from Saumya Mining – a Kolkata based organization into contract mining. "Saumya Mining has requested 100 trucks for its mining business, 50 of which will be conveyed for the current year and the rest 50 one year from now. The request size is about Rs 60 crore," said Mercedes-Benz India MD and CEO Wilfried Aulbur.

Interestingly, Merc is likewise taking a gander at a sizeable open door in flame bureaus of different states and additionally the barrier part.

"We have effectively sold around six trucks to a flame office in Mumbai and are taking a gander at circumstances in the guard area. Merc's steady offers vehicles that are suited for the resistance part and are being used by a few legislatures. These could be a probability in India," said Mr Aulbur.

In India, the business vehicle section offers around 15% of the aggregate income to Mercedes-Benz India , while it is 40% universally. "The commitment of the business vehicle fragment is slated to ascend with time," he include

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