Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rising Star Saumya Mining Limited

ISO Award winning Saumya Mining Limited is one of the primary mining associations in the country which have International Certifications for Safety, and also Quality Management & Environment Management System. In the event that we attempt to comprehend the vision of SML, Saumya Mining Limited with its wander of various administrations & organizations, is taking distinctive undertakings in different States, for example, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, MP, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Orissa, and UP & Rajasthan. After adequately endeavoring into practical zone, for example, uranium mining & having made focused competency on the grounds of mining, these people are prepared in any case hostage mining in the present year in a more prominent way.

Tell us about a percentage of the prime accomplishments of SML

SML is presently on Editorial Board of Coal Insights too. Its Managing Director, Mr. Ashok Jain has likewise been granted being Editorial Board Member of "Coal Insights". Do you realize that such a magazine rightly devoted to Coal Industry? Its ben expected that such an enrollment will give gigantic quality to the distribution with SML's huge information and understanding of the subject.

Saumya Mining Ltd. is getting up and go by a skilled gathering of business pioneers from particular establishment. Guardian of much more than 1100 strong workforce comprising of the greater part of gifted work power drove by a group of talented, qualified & experienced overseers, chiefs & engineers.

A quick go through of SML’s activities during the last 5 decades. It has been seen undertaking difficulties effectively in diverse situations all over India. SML also received award from Director General of Mines Safety in Chaibasa Region
Talking about some more...
1. SML got 2nd Prize in Overhaul performance in the year 2005-06
2. It then received 1st Prize in Housekeeping during the year 2006-07
3. And then 2nd Prize in Overhaul performance during 2006-07
4. Again 1st Prize in Overhaul performance in 2007-08
5. Then again 1st Prize in Overhaul performance while in the year 2008-09
6. And then 1st Prize in Explosive handling in 2008-09

There could be much more which is left to be spoken about Saumya Mining Limited, the rising Star in Mining Industry!

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